Vision & Mission

We choose Water Soluble Fertilizers and Agro chemicals as our Industries and again we stand committed to the development of Agriculture, which is the backbone of our economy. We strongly believe that the way to improve our Country’s economy is to boost agricultural productivity. Agriculture forms about 16% of India’s GDP while 60% of our population is dependent on agriculture. However, our productivities are way below the Asian and the World averages.

The solutions lies in, increase of irrigation facilities (less than 50 % of land is irrigated) and increase in water soluble fertilizer usage & improve soil fertility. Our purpose is to express our passion for agriculture. Experience, commitment and focus give us strength in the marketplace. Sharing our strengths with our customers and employees leads to mutual success.

Our growth and success will be achieved by:

  • Creating sustainable rural development in India
  • Enriching and protecting arable land
  • Boosting crop productivity by providing quality plant nutrients
  • Promoting sustainable agricultural practices